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Trick Shift (Quart) Transmission Fluid

B & M PERFORMANCE  |  Part# BMM-80259

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  • Transmission Fluid Type - Multi-vehicle
  • Synthetic - No
  • Recommended Application - Nonelectric controlled automatic transmissions and wherever M2C33F standards are
  • Bullet Point #1 - Not An Additive
  • Electronic Controlled Transmissions - Not Recommended
  • Package Size (oz) - 32.00
  • Flash Point (F) - 392
  • Pour Point - 85
  • Oil Type - Automatic Transmission
  • Title - B&M 80259 Automatic Transmission Trick Shift Fluid, (1 Quart. Btl)
  • Bullet Point #2 - Desirable Firmer Shift
  • Bullet Point #4 - Ideal For Performance Street
  • Bullet Point #3 - Ideal For Racing
  • Oil Composition - Mineral
  • N/A
  • Application - Sold Individually

Automatic Transmission Trick Shift Fluid, (1 Quart. Btl)



Trick Shift was originally developed by B&M for racing applications. It's become so successful that it's the most popular high performance fluid on the street also! Not an additive, this is the best performance ATF available! A scientific blend of foam inhibitors, pressure agents and shift modifiers that will provide extended transmission life and drastically improved shift feel. Trick Shift is the easiest way to measurably improve the transmission performance of your vehicle. Trick Shift works with all automatic transmissions when a firmer shift is desired. Pour in Performance is not just a catchy phrase - it's reality! It can be mixed with stock-type transmission fluids, however to attain maximum improvement you should use Trick Shift exclusively. Ideal for towing, light trucks and RV applications as well as racing. Not recommended for electronic controlled transmissions.