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Since developing the world’s first drag racing parachute more than fifty years ago, Simpson Racing has been devoted to keeping you safe and secure from head to toe with SFI-approved gear designed for the serious racer. It manufactures some of the industry’s most trusted racing helmets, gloves, Nomex® flame-retardant suits, and shoes, plus the equipment you need to keep your vehicle secure inside and out: restraint systems, parachutes, window nets, and more. No wonder you’ll find Simpson safety products at more NASCAR®, NHRA, IHRA, CART, and IRL events than any other brand

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Helmets - Simpson Helmets - Simpson Air Inforcer Shark Helmet
Simpson Air Inforcer Shark Snell SA2015 Rated Forced Air Auto Racing Helmet design features include a stylish top cap designed for better pipe placement and a low profile for multiple roof/driver...More Details »
Helmets - Simpson Helmets - Simpson Bandit Helmet
Classic flagship Simpson Bandit Snell SA2015 Rated Auto Racing Helmet design remains true to Simpson’s heritage for distinct style and helmets you can trust to do their job. Simpson Snell SA 2015...More Details »
Helmets - Simpson Helmets - Simpson Carbon Devil Ray Helmet
The Simpson Devil Ray Snell SA2015 Rated Auto Racing Helmet has an exceptionally lightweight carbon shell, that weighs in at 2.9 lbs. for size Medium. Simpson Snell SA 2015 helmets meet Snell’s...More Details »
Helmets - Simpson Helmets - Simpson Diamondback Helmet
The Diamondback helmets by Simpson integrate futuristic design elements to command attention, but the engineering behind the design is the true work of art. The safety elements have been crafted...More Details »
Helmets - Simpson Helmets - Simpson Speedway RX Helmet
The Simpson Speedway RX Snell SA2015 Rated Auto Racing Helmet features classic “RX” styling with defined Wave Eliminators for increased aerodynamics. Simpson Snell SA 2015 helmets meet...More Details »
Helmets - Simpson Helmets - Simpson Speedway Shark Helmet
The latest Simpson Speedway Shark remains true to the original Shark design. The Simpson Speedway Shark Snell SA2015 Rated Auto Racing Helmet has defined wave eliminators that increase...More Details »
Helmets - Simpson Helmets - Simpson Venator Helmets
The Venator Helmet is the latest in Simpson's arsenal of high-quality racing helmets. Utilizing cutting-edge carbon fiber construction technology, the Venator has been developed with CFTI...More Details »
Helmets - Simpson Helmets - Simpson X-Bandit Helmet
Best for multi-use. stock car. drag racing. sprint car and kartingClassic Bandit flagship design. improved aerodynamics through design innovation

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Simpson first publicized The Envelope of Safety concept in 1999. The EOS is our 360 degree approach to a driver’s ultimate security. By surrounding the racer with our 8 elements of supreme racing protection, they become safeguarded from many dangerous situations. Although many of our products have evolved overtime, the concept remains the same. Containment inside a safety cell is vital in any crash. This includes the equipment found in current Sprint Cup, IRL, Formula One and Drag Racing as well. Keeping the driver upright in the seat and the "spine in line" are the keys to personal safety, especially in multiple impacts. Properly mounted restraints, seats, Head and Neck devices, head surrounds and side nets make up the complete system. Driver's personal safety equipment is equally important and must be cared for and updated as needed for optimal protection. From our Snell and FIA rated helmets to our SFI 38.1 and FIA 8858 certified head and neck restraints to our multi-layer Nomex® suits and fire retardant performance driven shoes and gloves, our commitment to driver safety has been tested and trusted. No detail is overlooked, no chances are taken. When you sit behind the wheel in Simpson's Envelope of Safety, you give yourself the advantage of 54 years of safety innovation and experience

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